Scam Template Sites – How To Avoid Them And Get Your Money Back


This is taken from the currently unavailable UK Horse Racing Tipster site which is redirecting to From The Stables.

It looks a lot better on the main site, and I have cut out a lot of information, but all the info about scam template sites is worth knowing about, especially if you have fallen for one and want to get your money back.

So the question is why would I pay to join the UK Horse Racing Tipster website when I could pay a one off £19.99 for a Win Multiplier, Machine Gun Lay or Zero Risk Betting system or a myriad of other betting sites that seem to hit your inbox every day.

Remember most of these sites are scams and they probably get more money from selling on your email address than any bets that they offer you.

Also unlike other betting sites as soon as you give UK Horse Racing Tipster your email address your inbox won’t start filling up with betting related spam and constant pleas to “join some new unbeatable system”.

Claiming that there are “only 10 places left” or that they are “shutting the doors to new members soon”, with fake countdown timers on the top of the page that reset when you refresh the page and bullshit claims about how the system has turned so many peoples lives around in so short a time.

Fake testimonials from bronzed men in the Caribbean with model looking women and huge houses with Ferraris sitting outside is not proof of anything. The only proof are the results.

A quick Google search for horse racing tipsters and few sign ups for “Free Horse Racing Tips” can easily land you in a world of spam from people, tipsters or companies calling themselves things like “The Betting Kings” or “The Tipping Masters” or even just names like John, Peter or Paul.

These people will constantly bombard your email inbox every day trying to sell you a new racing product or pushing on you the “The Greatest Betting System Ever To Exist”. It seems like they manage to find a new one every day of the week!

Even if you sign up to one of these systems you will soon find it’s not all that it cracked out to be.

It may seem cheap with a one off price of £20 but you will soon find out that it’s a wasted £20 spent.

Unlike the UK Horse Racing Tipster site that has 4 betting products for the price of one membership fee, plus news, articles, free systems and a great website portal for betting, you are most likely to end up with a cheaply produced PDF file that just contains a number of filters to apply to your selections.

This includes such as scam systems as the Win Multiplier system that includes filters like:

  • Only bet on certain courses e.g Plumpton, Chester, Fontwell….
  • Ignore classics, maidens, novice races, 2 year olds and amateur and bumper races.
  • Only bet on horses with surface, going, distance and course form.
  • Only bet on Jockeys and Trainers in form with a win within the last X days.
  • Plus lots more that I am sure you could guess that makes finding more than win bet a day almost impossible.
  • Oh and you must use the RacingPost custom ratings that are only available to subscribers who pay £21 or £252 a year. This makes your cheap £20 system into an expensive £250+ per year system and the filters are so many and so complex, that without a computer system to sort the tips out for you, a lot of your time each day would be wasted with little reward in return.

You know what?

Before I wrote this page I actually signed up to a number of these scam systems just to see what they had to offer.

Apart from being very cheap none of these systems brought me the riches their similarly produced sales pitch websites promised.

I still don’t own a yacht or live in the Caribbean and I don’t have dozens of betting accounts with hundreds of thousands of pounds in like they all promised I would. Remember anyone nowadays can use Photoshop to create fake account balance screenshots.

Here is what I found out from just a few tipping sites that I tested for a while.

The names haven’t been hidden to protect the guilty!

Let’s Call This Section – The Template Scam Betting System List!

All of these systems were introduced to me by random spammers who had obviously bought my email address and sold it on so that the spam never stopped. The people called themselves everything from just Jon or Peter to The Betting Kings or Betting Resources etc. Guess what? The more you click unsubscribe – the more this spam hits your inbox!

This is a well tested scammers (and hackers) trick to prove to them that your email address is REAL so they can sell it on! Just add them to your junk box if you get tired of the spam.

It seemed like every other day one of these random sales pitches had found a new system where untold riches were promised. High points per month could be made and it was all hush hush with limited spaces available to join.

I forget the number of times I had multiple emails from various people all telling me a certain system only had 6 spaces left or was “closing it’s doors” at 5pm today. They were all attempts to get you to think you might miss out on something amazing. Don’t worry I tested these sites out – you aren’t going to!

Nearly every one of the websites the spammers linked to was based around a single page full of sales talk, and usually a link to ClickBank for payment, this is why I call it the Template Betting Scam.

The sites all look like they were made with the same template software.

They all seemed to follow the same glossy design and used the same format for their sales pitch. Here’s just a few of the many examples out there for you to see:
⋄ The Win Multiplier system
⋄ Zero Risk Betting
⋄ Machine Gun Lays

I had to remove at least 3 of the sites from the original list as they no longer exist online.

They have probably been shut down for scamming or the scammers behind them had made enough cash and just moved on to their next unbeatable millionaire making system.

The sales pitches all start off claiming they were not the usual conmen. No they were all “Honest Johns” who were all tired of fake systems being sold to punters and had all managed to come up with various systems which beat the bookies.

They all claimed to have highly impossible strike rates. Surely if they had become rich, as the numerous glossy photographs of their Coral and Betfair account statements showed, they wouldn’t give a toss about selling on their system?

Apparently it’s because they are tired of letting the bookies take our money when it’s actually really easy to beat them. All of us are trying to beat the bookies but it doesn’t come from a system based around a single WIN bet a day on the favourite in the first race at certain tracks. Or when the price is below evens and it’s not a novice or maiden. Either that or when the price is above 2.5 and the horse is French and racing in certain low class races (a few a year). Or if you are laying 20+ LAY bets a day at prices above 10/1. The list goes on!

One thing I noticed, which seemed to prove these sites were all based around the same template was that if you tried to leave the sites promotion page a pop-under would appear trying to get you to stay.

If you did chose to stay they will usually lower their price from the standard offer. They obviously don’t want you to miss out on this great cheap deal so they reduce the price by another £10 or so. Therefore if you DO WANT TO WASTER YOUR MONEY on these systems that’s one trick to use to get a discount!

Most of theses sites said they only had 10/20/50 places to fill in total or that they had to close the system to new members quickly because the system was so good, so scary to bookies, that they didn’t want too many people taking advantage of it incase the bookies caught on!

Another trick was to show a countdown timer in the corner. However guess what, if you refreshed the page or re-visited the site a week or two later the timer was still set at the same time.

If you actually waited until the timer reached 00:00:00 many times it would just re-set itself in front of your eyes!

Anyone who says they only want to give 50 people their system because it is that good it will affect market prices so much if too many people use it is talking out their arse. When Coral and Betfred are using Betfair to lay off their liabilities in the hundreds of thousands there is no way the odd bet a day from these systems will do anything to effect market prices in the slightest.

Guess what – all of the systems I tested were very cheap. Either a one off payment of £20 or £5 per month, but guess what?

Apart from the fact they usually tried to sell you additional products after joining such as getting your tips earlier by email, even more tips, betting BOTs or books with additional systems – The core system I had purchased just didn’t make any profit and I couldn’t see how they could back up ANY of the claims on their sales pitch either.

Do you know how I found this out?

Because I have a huge database with every single race and result from the UK, Ireland, France, Dubai and more going back decades. For every system I bought I back fitted it to see how they achieved the glossy photographs of their or Betfair account statements with tens of thousands of pounds in it. Guess what I couldn’t!

I always emailed their “dedicated team of staff supplying 24 hour 7 day week support” multiple times to try and get a list of their results to compare to mine so I could see how they managed to achieve their amazing profits. Guess what – I had no replies!

Some of the sites I bought systems off just refused to send me the product in the first place! Maybe they knew I was going to place it on this page? I guess they knew I could catch their scam out by checking historical results! However not to worry because the last point is VERY IMPORTANT.

All of these betting sites use to sell their products!

Therefore when they claim in their sales pitch that they are being oh so generous by offering you a no questions asked money back guarantee after 60 days if you are not happy with their product it’s total rubbish.

It’s Clickbank’s POLICY to offer a no questions asked returns policy of 60 days to any customer of a site who uses their payment system to sell their products!

So forget any talk of these people being kind and generous by offering to return your money if you don’t make £5,000 in the first 60 days. It’s the fact they are using the Clickbank payment system that forces them to offer this 60 days no questions asked money back offer. Use this to your advantage – I did and after proving these systems were fake I claimed back every penny I spent on them from ClickBank!

So once you have attempted these systems for a few weeks and discovered that the system you have just bought is bogus or you have tested it over past results and realised their claims are fake just email Clickbank, tell them so, and they will refund you your money.

Just use this link to go direct to the Clickbank refund page. Look up your order and then use the “Get Support” button, select Refund, and write your complaint to Clickbank.

However it is best if you try and contact the seller first by email a couple of times asking them for historical results or the tips up front each day first so that you can tell ClickBank you tried getting answers from the seller but didn’t get the information you wanted.

I tested about 7 of these scam sites out in the space of a few months and all of them either refused to reply to my emails, couldn’t provide historical data to prove how they managed to make their profits or they just didn’t send me the system in the first place!

I will let you decide if you want to use any of these systems but just beware of the template betting system scam. I would check a few of the links out I have provided and if you are tempted to join a system and the sales pitch looks like or sounds like any of the above sites AND uses ClickBank I would swerve it ASAP!

Believe it or not it was quite fun trying out these systems and proving how false their sales pitches were.

Even though quite a few of these systems tell you that they have Grandmas and ex office workers making thousands a week from their betting, it just isn’t possible from the systems they sold me, especially those that deliver 8 lay bets a day between prices of 7 and 16 when at least two of them lose each day.

Either that or the system relies on JUST backing the the first favourite of the day and laying JUST the last one – and only at certain courses that don’t have races each day. You may get the odd win but there is no way in the world you could earn the sort of money these sites sales pitches talk about.

Any site that consists of a single page – a sales pitch – should be swerved at all costs.

If these people are so rich why can’t they put some effort into their websites and emails?

When you compare the information my homepage ( offers you against some of these sites it’s worth a dozen of them alone!

If they cannot bother to throw a few pages together and allow you to download or view their past history of results they use to base their results on then QUESTIONS MUST BE ASKED!

If they don’t answer them – keep on at them and if they still ignore you – claim your Clickbank Refund!

  • Remember – These sites are mostly all scams!
  • The people behind them come up with new systems by the week and then spam you constantly telling you it’s the best system in the world.
  • They will con you by saying their systems have 90%+ strike rates and claim through multiple fake email accounts that it’s the “Real Thing”
  • Forgetting to tell you that the system is just a PDF file you download, many of which may cost just £20 but then rely on a RacingPost membership that costs £240+ a year!
  • How about a 90% strike rate on every win bet!

Yes I’ve seen that sales pitch before as well. As if anyone could provide such a strike rate unless they were only betting 5 or 6 times a year on horses with an already known great pedigree such as Frankel, Black Caviar or Wise Dan.

A 90% strike rate is possible but unless you have the betting bank and balls to put on £100,000 bets each time you are not going to make much money when the prices are 1/8 or less!

If you do want a 90% strike rate then you should be looking at lay based systems and that is exactly what I specialise in here on The UK Horse Racing Tipster.

This site has many lay systems with strike rates in the 80-95% range, and the best system in 2014 was a lay system that pulled in £6,563.30 at £10 stakes. You can view the top 5 systems from 2014 here.

Also remember it is logially easier to pick a horse to lose a race than one to win it!

Plus there is nothing stopping you laying more than one horse per race either if you want to double your potential profit and lower your risk in case one of the bets wins the race.

So please don’t fall for the “Next Magic Betting System” on the market that your inbox collects – it just doesn’t exist!

There is no magic way to beat the bookies all the time and becoming a millionaire within a year. However there are lots of ways to increase your chances of taking that bookmaker cash!
So how do you do it then?

What about the (not so) new on the scene and “Last Legal Way To Beat The Bookies”, Arbs, or Arbitrages based systems that seem to be doing the rounds lately?

These systems promise you that they can give you no lose bets by providing you with numerous bookies who are providing different prices on the same horse which can be used to your advantage. What they fail to mention is the following:

  • You will need at least 20+ online bookmaker accounts to run such an operation.
  • You will need to do all the work yourself, there is no magic BOT or computer program that can hook into every online bookmaker site on the web to do the work for you.
  • Plus all these systems are really doing is scraping sites like, looking for price differences between bookmakers on horses e.g between Coral and Betfair, and then telling you about it.
  • Unless you have the ability to place both a WIN bet AND a LAY bet at a lower price AND the horse wins the race, OR you can trade the bet with an overlay – you won’t win anything!
  • I met someone on LinkedIn trying to sell such a product and I mentioned these points to him and wanted answers. Guess what – silence!! So don’t be fooled, unless you are free all day long to place such bets or can pay someone to do it for you this won’t work. The next best thing is to write your own Betting BOT like I did with my AutoBOT that constantly analyses Betfair looking for rising and falling prices and then places lay and back bets at each end of the slope.

So what can I do to easily make money from betting on the horses?

  • I just want a list of WIN, PLACE or LAY tips to be given to me every morning so I can place the bets before going to work and then come home to a nice big profit!
  • I don’t want to do any work.
  • I just want someone to make the money for me.

Okay so I can get a list of tips if I want and I have hundreds from various types of systems including:

  • Weak Favourites to Lay.
  • Low priced horses to Lay.
  • High priced horses to Lay.
  • Laying multiple horses per race.
  • Win bets on favourites or non favourites.
  • Win bets on horses with the top score of my own custom rating system.
  • Win bets based on jockeys and trainers who are suddenly in form with course experience.
  • Place bets on multiple runners in an 8 runner race. 1 out of 4 may not win, but it only takes 1 high priced placed bet to make winnings.
  • Multi day accumulator place bets where you roll over your winnings from day to day.
  • And lots more besides!

Okay so you have shown me some the types of systems you have to offer here.

However what I want to know is what are your actual profits in pounds not points!

Okay that sounds good but do you have the results to back up what you’re saying?

Well once the site is back up and running just click this link to read more about why you should join the UK Horse Racing Tipster website and follow the links on it to review historical results, profits by price range, profits by stake size and profits by bet type.

I have over 3 years of data on this site and you should be able to work out which systems are the most profitable to follow if you are considering joining the site.

You can find all of the results (day by day) under the Horse Racing Tips > Tipping Results > Tip Results archive.

So if you want to sign up to the site here are the options or you can read even more about it under the Join Now page when the site is back up.

By UK Hot Tips

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Why UK Horse Racing Tipster is down…

Why UK Horse Racing Tipster is down…

By UK Hot Tips

Just to let you know the great site, with multiple free systems and 4 paid for subscriber systems, on top of a wealth of information about horse racing is currently having a make over.

This is mainly due to a mix up with servers and France blocking Betfair.

People moving sites should really check things like this first!!!!

Anyway at the moment it is redirecting automatically to From The Stables and is offering potential members to UK Horse Racing Tipster a 10 day free trial on the site!

So if you want to get daily inside info on top trainers daily runners as well as a live blog feed from a different course’s parade ring each day, NAPS, tips and a members forum then check out From The Stables and use the promo code UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER.

Click this to join From The Stables for a 10 day free trial.

Just to let you know that the creator of both sites is also going to be working on windows applications and other betting tools that can be used for horse racing, football, tennis or most sports.

Here is a link to get you to the subscribe page on the site, you will need to sign up on PayPal but as long as you cancel your subscription before the 10 days it won’t convert to a proper membership.

However, having a proper membership to a site that gives you inside info on trainers thoughts on their daily runners and whether they think they will lose or win is well worth having.

So once again here is a link if you don’t want to go through the subscribe process or remember the promo code UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER which is required to get these great benefits.

By UK Hot Tips

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Free Tip Results – From UK Horse Racing Tipster / Star sites

Free Tip Results – From UK Horse Racing Tipster / Star sites

By The UK Hot Tips

These are some of the free tip results from the various sites and blogs I run. Some are membership only sites like but they still have an option for non members to read them in and hopefully sign up to become a full member with access to over 580 systems,

So to get free tips on the site or by email after 11am if you so wish just fill in the green forms (one on home page, one on the free tips by email page – last menu from the left, and there occasionally just pops up a form when your cookies run out.


Here are the winners today with the free tips I gave out on the main site.

You can get them online or by email after 11am > just fill in the green (or pop up form on the home page) or go to the link above.

Fastnet Tempest – NAP – 1st – WON
Sage De La Gesse – LAY – LOST – WON
Mother’s Best – LAY – LOST – WON
What’s The Story – LAY – LOST – WON

The AutoBOT has its own blog as well for free tips

Whilst my AutoBOT is mainly for trading on the Betfair Exchange I do occasionally offer some free WIN, PLACE  and LAY tips for my free members.

Get these free tips randomly picked from the successful systems members get full access to on this blog: http//

Robero – TO WIN – 1st (WON)
Poet’s Beauty – TO WIN – 1st (WON)
Romanne – LAY – last (WON)
Want The Fairytale – LAY – 9th – (WON)
Copa Beech – LAY – 14th – (WON)
Silk Mill Blue – LAY – 7th – (WON)
Kilbarry Mandy – LAY – 6th – (WON)

2 winners and 5 LAYS.

Not bad but I have done better so stayed glued after 11am and you will get an email or Tweet when the tips come online @ukhorsracingtipster or @ukhottips

Get your free tips daily after 11am at >


By The UK Hot Tips

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Show some love…..

Show Some Love…..

BY UK Auto Tips

If you have been following the UK HOT TIPS blog from the start you should now well be up in the bank if following every LAY, PLACE and WIN tip I have given out.

Not only do we give out the standard bets but we give out daily win and place accumulators, as well as multi day place accumulators and win accumulators which have been very successful.

Why not show you appreciation to the man who gives you your LAY and NAP tips every day with a small donation just click the image or link below, change the money if you wish to provide a higher amount and send it off to our benefactor

Remember you can visit the main UK Horse Racing Tipster site for more free tips by email, free betting systems, 4 betting subscription betting products at different prices and tons of articles to help you on your to beat the bookies!

Just click this link to start your journey:


© 2015 UK HOT TIPS

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Get 50/1 on Douvan to win the Arkle!

Get 50/1 on Douvan to win the Arkle!


This is a special Monday morning offer – so if you are not on Coral get up early to take advantage!

Do you want to earn a free £50?

If you are not on CORAL (online), then you can get a massive 50/1 on the sure thing Douvan to win the Arkle!

This offer will be live for a limited time and will ONLY go live at 8am UK time on Monday morning (14th March).

Once the offer has hit its cap, we will replace the offer with 12/1 on Annie Power to win the Champion Hurdle (£/€5 Bet Only).

So to be clear…..

Offer 1 – Until Expired

New Customer Offer – Arkle Trophy – Douvan to win – 50/1

£/€1 Bet Only – Paid in Free Bets

Start Time: 08:00 UK time Monday 14th March

End Time: Limited Time Only


Offer 2 – Once The Douvan Offer Expires

New Customer Offer – Champion Hurdle – Annie Power to win – 12/1

£/€5 Bet Only – Paid in Free Bets

Start Time: Once the Douvan Offer has expired

End Time: 3:30pm Tuesday 15th March


So this means that if you are NOT on Corals online bookmaker already you need to get up early on Monday morning, join Coral with the link, and for £1 get 50/1 on the hot favourite and potentially best jumper around, Douvan, to win the Arkle.

Even better, join now and then you will be ready to bet Monday morning when the offer goes live!

If you are too slow to get the first offer?

Then take the 12/1 on Annie Power (Willie Mullins new Quevega), to win the Champion Hurdle now Faugheen is no longer running.

These are two of the top NAPS of the festival and if you are not on CORAL already you can take advantage of this great offer!


For more Cheltenham offers read this post: Cheltenham 2016 Offers.

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The From The Stables Cheltenham competition is back for 2016!

The From The Stables Cheltenham competition is back for 2016!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

Back by popular demand From The Stables a site I am involved with is once again running their great Cheltenham festival top tipster competition.

This competition is open to all registered members and has a prize of £100, plus it’s totally free to enter if you are on the site!

There are ten races in all to place tips on which I have listed below.

To enter you must pick one horse in each race and it’s up to you if you want to have a 2pt win or a 1pt each way bet.

Tips must be sent into the site by 12pm each day.

It’s always great fun and worth doing. I managed to win their Aintree competition last year but Cheltenham is a different prospect altogether!

The ten race’s are….


  • The Supreme Novice’s Hurdle
  • Arkle Challenge Trophy Chase
  • The Champion Hurdle


  • The Queen Mother Champion Chase
  • Weatherbys Champion Bumper


  • The Ryanair Chase
  • The World Hurdle


  • Triumph Hurdle
  • Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle
  • The Gold Cup

The competition is always fierce, so why not see if you are the top tipster!

If you are not a member of the site you can either join this site and get a bumper promo code for extra free days trial on From The Stables as well, or you can join From The Stables direct with my special promo code: UKHorseRacingTipster2016.

View the original article at


By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

© 2016 The UK Horse Racing Tipster

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Cheltenham 2016 Special Bet Offers

Cheltenham 2016 Special Bet Offers

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

These are some of the best Cheltenham 2016 Festival offers I have found so far.

With the festival only days away you should be thinking about your bankers and bets and looking for the best bookie to place them with.

If you haven’t joined some of these online betting sites then now could be the right time to join and take up the free registration offers to use for Cheltenham.

The 2016 Cheltenham festival is fast approaching and there are so many questions to be answered such as:

  • Will day 1 be another Willie Mullins banker?
  • Will Annie Power who now takes the place of Faugheen in the Champion Hurdle manage to jump the last fence this time?
  • Can anyone beat Douvan?
  • Will the new boys on the scene crack or will some of the older horses such as Cue Card manage to prove they are still top notch?
  • Will Don Poli prove his doubters wrong and will his lopsided running style lead him to victory or disaster?
  • Will Victoria Pendleton manage to stay on her horse and is she the lay of the week?
  • Will Thistle Crack prove what a great horse he is?
  • Will Ruby Walsh be the top festival jockey?
  • Can any of the British trainers steal the glory from Willie Mullins stable of Irish stars?

Here are the offers I have found so far….

Coral Cheltenham 2016 Festival Offers

Cheltenham Festival Free Bet Special!

Place £/€20+ on the Supreme Novices’ Hurdle and get a Free £/€5 Bet for every Willie Mullins trained Cheltenham winner on Day One!

Bet now on any 2016 Cheltenham Festival jumps race and get your stakes refunded if your horse falls as a free bet up to £/€25.


For new Coral Members a great offer from Coral considering Willie Mullins has a stable of stars and won 8 races last year. He is 1/500 to train a winner this year but…

New members to Coral can get 8/1 for Willie Mullins to train ANY winner during the festival – a sure thing if you ask me considering he has Douvan, Vautour, Don Poli, Annie Power, Un De Sceaux and many more star horses running this year.


Join Paddy Power to get a 14/1 double on two top favourites!

Douvan to win the Arkle Chase & Annie Power to win the Champion Hurdle @ 14/1


Get your money back if you lose on the first race of Cheltenham every day with SkyBet!


SkyBet are offering a £5 free bet every time Ruby Walsh rides a winner!

With him being the main jockey for Willie Mullins and riding on a number of his star horses this could be quite profitable!


Get 5/1 on Bristol De Mai to win the JLT Novices Chase (no runner – no bet!)


A Toi Phil to win the the Neptune Novices’ Hurdle 8/1  (no runner – no bet!)


No Runner No Bets on all Cheltenham Festival 2016 races – SkyBet


BoyleSports Cheltenham Offers

Faugheen is out of the Champion Hurdle – get cash back on win singles of £150 or £75 each way bets!

Applies to Champion Hurdle, QM Champion Chase, World Hurdle, Ryanair Chase & Cheltenham Gold Cup, max refund €/£150 or €/£75 each way, applies to bets placed after 8.00am Tuesday, January 12th, one refund per customer per selection.


BoyleSports – Offers Day By Day – Take Your Pick!
For mobile, enhancement bet slip gets pre-populated. In the event of a winning bet, stake will be returned as cash and winnings be paid as a free bet.
For web, customers will need to find the market and place bet at normal odds. If it wins get paid cash on the normal odds, and enhanced odds as free bets.
Cheltenham Enhancement Offers – exclusive to New Mobile and Web customers
Tuesday 15th – Min To Win 13:30 Cheltenham – Supreme Novices Hurdle Was 7/4 NOW 7/1
Tuesday 15th – Annie Power To Win 15:30 Cheltenham – Champion Hurdle Was 6/4 NOW 7/1
Wednesday 16th – Yanworth To Win 13:30 Cheltenham – Neptune Novices Hurdle Was 4/5 NOW 6/1
Wednesday 16th – Un De Sceaux To Win 15:30 Cheltenham – Queen Mother Champion Chase Was 4/7 NOW 5/1
Thursday 17th – Thistlecrack To Win 15:30 Cheltenham – World Hurdle Was 1/1 NOW 6/1
Friday 18th – Gold Cup 3:30 Treble Odds Any Horse
Applies to Cheltenham races, max stake €/£5, one qualifying bet per customer per household per IP Address.


Cheltenham Non-Runner Cash Back – Money back on singles only on selected Cheltenham Antepost Races.

Applies to the Champion Hurdle, QM Champion Chase, World Hurdle, Ryanair Chase & Cheltenham Gold Cup, max stake £/€150 or £/€75 Each Way


Betfair Triple

Get 19/1 on Bristol De Mai (JLT), Thistlecrack (World Hurdle) & Un De Sceaux (Champion Chase) All To Win!


Don’t forget that if you are not a member of some of these online bookies, now is the time to milk their registration offers, and build up a betting bank of free cash and bets for the festival.

Standard good offers include all those in the right hand sidebar and on my latest bet offers page but my favourites are.


SkyBet offering a free £20 bet for registering and betting just £5.

Coral offering a free £20 bet for registering and betting just £5.

Betfred offer a free £30 bet for joining and betting £10.

A big one here, offer up to £200 in free bets PLUS constant free £5 bets if you use their site to bet with.

BoyleSports offer up to a £50 matched free bet when you join them.

Betfair offer a standard £30 bet if you join and bet £30 on anything above 1/5 on! Plus special new member bets!


You can read more about building up a free betting bank and milking betting sites free offers here.

So get in there and build up a free betting bank for the Cheltenham Festival – why waste your own money when you can spend the bookies?


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