Horse Racing Gift Store

The Horse Racing Gift Store

This is the exact same Horse Racing Shop that you will find on the UK Horse Racing Tipster website. Unfortunately WordPress won’t let me insert an IFrame into the page so you will just have to use the link at the bottom or:

In it you will find a wide selection of horse racing books, gifts, electronic books for your Kindle plus loads more presents that you can buy directly from Amazon.

Some of the cheap books – talking pennies here – are very useful and include information on which 2 year olds to be watching out for this year and which 3 year olds ran well last year.

The horse racing store also has numerous guides on trading and how to use BOTS and betting exchanges such as Betfair or BETDAQ to automate your betting whilst you are at work as well as autobiographies on professional gamblers, trainers and jockeys.

The shop even has a lovely gift section that contains items such as framed portraits of Frankel, cuff-links in his silk colours, ties, models and lots of other presents that would be perfect for any horse racing fan on their birthday, Fathers day or Christmas.

View the original gift store on The UK Horse Racing Tipsters website – the same person who keeps providing killer LAY Tips each day for this site!

The Horse Racing Shop. on the UK Horse Racing Tipsters website.


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