Top Tipster Leagues

Top Tipster Leagues Take The World Of Punter Betting By Storm!

Top Tipster Leagues

Top Tipster Leagues – Betting For Punters By Punters!

  1. Are you Tired of Scam Tipster websites where you just lose money?
  2. Are you Tired of Big Bookies offering rubbish prices on favourites that go on to lose from a 20/1 shot?
  3. Are You Tired of placepots where one loss ensures your whole bet is ruined?
  4. Are You Tired of accumulators where the last leg can ruin your bet?

Well why not try a new site called Top Tipster Leagues who are offering a whole new format for betting on the horses.

They are a properly regulated company by the gambling commission and have a UK Gambling License so you can be rest assured your money is safe with them!

The best thing about their approach is that your “bet”, runs for the whole meeting, so if you lose one or two races, it doesn’t matter you can still win or come 2nd or 3rd and win money!

All you need to do is pick a race card you want to bet on.

Then pick the stake amount you want to risk – there are multiple levels £2, £5 and £10 leagues and you get to prove your tipping skills for the whole meeting (or more if you chose).


Want Some Reasons To Play?

  • The Top Tipster Leagues is the Newest & Most Exciting way to Bet on Horse Racing at the moment!
  • Unlike tipster competitions that run every now and then this runs daily over every single race card!
  • Don’t let a single horse let your bets down! This doesn’t happen with Top Tipster Leagues which is why everyone is now playing it!
  • The Top Tipster Leagues was created by punters for the punters!
  • Remember you will be competition against other racing fans and punters in daily tipster leagues for real money!
  • For just £2 you can bet on every race at the meeting!

And remember this is NOT A TIPSTER SITE – THEY DON’T DO TIPS AND THEY ARE NOT A BOOKMAKER – They are the most exciting and best value betting option in racing right now!

Top Tipster League Example
A Real Top Tipster League Example

So come on, if you are want a new way to bet that lets you carry on for the whole day why not try the Top Tipster Leagues?

You can play for as little as £2, £5 or £10 and depending on the number of tipsters in your league the prize money could be hundreds or thousands!

So if you’re interested why not check it out and get a free £10 for just joining?




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