Free Betting System Using Small Stakes

Free Betting System Using Small Stakes


This is another free betting system I have picked up from the UK Horse Racing Tipster website which you can read in full at: Using Small Bets To Make Big Money.

Basically it’s a system that aims to use a little betting bank but make lots of little lump sums by doing doubles and triples.

You only need a starting bank of £100!

The 3 Horse Triple and Double low stake system

This system involves picking the 3 best horses you can for one day.

They don’t all have to be favourites especially if they are running on heavy or soft going with no experience of the conditions or they have no distance or course experience.

The more factors that lie in their favour like course and distance experience the better and if you can get a good price e.g over 3/1 as well as a strong official rating (OR) then that’s all the better.

The UK Horse Racing Tipster website has a special race card he gives out to his members which uses coloured rows to identify the:

  • The favourite.
  • The horse with the top OR rating.
  • The horse with his own special AutoBOT rating that he has devised himself.

It is a pretty good race card as when all 3 of these ranking systems converge their is only one coloured line sitting at the top of the table. This makes it very easy to scan down the page and see which horses should be put on your short list for the day.

Once you have picked your 3 strongest horses for the day you do accumulators with very small stakes e.g £1.

He suggests two methods for your to pick from.

Method 1: One Double and a Triple

Pick the best 3 runners for the day that you can. He suggest to not follow other people’s advice and to just use your own knowledge gained from his site on reading form and using his race card (if possible).

If you are a member then you will get the NAP card for the day and you could pick fancied horses from this ensuring the tipster has a good strike rate.

Otherwise it’s the favourite and the top OR, and maybe Racing Post Ranking if you are not able to access the top AutoBOT rating.

Also make sure your horse has had as run within the month and can handle the going and distance for the day.

Take the two best horses from your 3 picks and put on a double at twice your minimum stakes e.g £1 * 2 = £2.

Then put on a triple on all 3 horses at minimum stakes e.g £1.

Hopefully the triple will come in but if not it’s that double with your two best picks for the day you want to win.

Even at £2 @ 3/1 for each bet in the double you could win £18 from this single double.

And if the triple comes in you could win £27 from a £1 bet or £58 from a £2 bet if all were priced at 3/1.


Method 2: Three Doubles and a Triple

The other method you can try involves a trixie where you would put on £1 for each double (3 in total so £3) and then £1 on the treble.

That’s £4 in total.

If everything is priced at 3/1 and every runner wins then you could win a massive £108 profit from just £4!


So another free horse racing betting system from the UK Horse Racing Tipster website which I am a member of and would advice anyone to join, especially if they are into laying horses.

He trialled his new Killer Lay System out on this site for a whole year before making it live on his own site and I made just under two grand from following the tips myself that year at £10 stakes.

You can roll back through the pages on this site to see for yourself the tips that he provided and whether they were successful or not.

You can join his site here: Join The UK Horse Racing Tipster Website.

You can also join the Google+ free tips community here for other free tips and racing info from members: The Google+ Free Tips Community.


Read the original article at Using Small Bets To Make Big Money on the UK Horse Racing Tipster website.


Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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One comment on “Free Betting System Using Small Stakes
  1. dangerousrob says:

    I have tried this system for the past month and made a small but decent amount of money. Having access to the racing card on UK Horse Racing Tipster does help a lot though as you can just scan down the page and pick out any runners with a single line on the table


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