Another Saturdays Winnings…

By UK Hot Tips

Info for this article has been taken from a recent posting on

It seems another 12 winning free horse racing and football tips were given out by The UK Horse Racing Tipster yesterday, including 3 doubles and a treble.

This is actually a pretty average result for the UK Horse Racing Tipster for a Saturday and many weekends he scores in the 20+ figure. Also, the no of winning tips doesn’t even include any of those he passes on from other supposed “professional” tipsters with who he is in contact by email, text, and social media groups.

Therefore the final tally of winning bets for anyone actually following all the tips he provided on his Facebook page is unknown.

However, last night he put an article up on his main site showing the results post he does at the end of the day and you have to be logged into Facebook to read it.

For anyone not using Facebook or not wanting to login he is referencing this post as I have used a screenshot instead of the embedded Facebook / META post which you can see below.

If you are interested he also details some of the systems he is currently using to generate the tips which include systems based around:

  • Top Trainers.
  • A system just for this month.
  • An All Weather track system.
  • A system for Chasing, Hurdling and Bumpers.
  • A system based around Martin Johnston’s runners.
  • A system based around runners down in trip and class.
  • A 100% Strike rate system for place only bets at Southwell.
  • A System that provided a winning double yesterday, and wins at every meeting so far this year at Wolverhampton.
  • His very profitbale Stick system which often produces winning or placed longshots, his biggest winner being a 66/1 jumper.
  • And some more based around getting doubles and accas or around certain trainers.

So he looks to be doing pretty well, at least at the weekend. If I had the spare time I would add up any winning results from the “Professional” tipsters who he passes tips on for but doesn’t bet on himself unless they are pulled up by his own systems.

He is actually on record saying that if you had LAID every tip passed on by these professional tipsters you would have won more money overall than if you backed them.

So if you are looking for quality free horse racing tips, especially at the weekend I would suggest checking his Facebook Page out.

He doesn’t do email and there is nothing to pay so he relies on his own tips winnings and any donations from followers who have won money from his tips.

You can donate to him at PayPal here if you do want to help him out as it’s his main source of income >

So check him out if you are looking for a source of quality free Horse Racing Tips, it cannot hurt to have a look, even if you don’t follow all his tips.

However a “Like” of his page, a share, follow or Tweet out about it would be good to help him get more real followers. Unlike a lot of Horse Racing Tipster sites his LIKE/FOLLOWER count figures are from real people not bought in bulk by sites who cannot gain social support and hardly ever post on their Facebook page anyway.

I could name a few but won’t. It just really stands out when you come across a supposed “real” site’s Facebook page and their last post was 8 months ago and its total posts are less than a dozen but somehow it has exactly 1000 Likes and Followers.

Anyway have a gander, what harm can it do?

Also if you are on Facebook go and check out the main article on and have a read what he says.

By UK Hot Tips


Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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