Best Racing Sites

Best Horse Racing Sites

Over the years I have been a member of a number of horse racing sites including many which don’t even exist anymore.

However handing over anywhere up to £50 a month to get given NAP after NAP which I could easily get myself by just searching the Racing Post or being fed favourite upon favourite at prices under evens which nearly always lose soon hurts the pocket.

Therefore I have put together a list of the two current sites I am a member of at the moment including the reasons I like them. These sites might change if I end my subscription and move to another site but for now these are the only two sites I belong to.

1. The UK Horse Racing Tipster

This is a site I tried out earlier this year with a £15 month trial. From what I can see on his membership page it is now £19.99 to trial the site for a whole month which is still pretty cheap for the amount of information, analysis, documents and stats they give you!

Compared to other sites who either don’t give trials, or give a few free days as long as you fork out £50 ASAP this is a good deal.

Once you know what you are doing the £3.99 a day offer is especially great if you are just going racing that day or fancy a bet and just require tips for that day without tying yourself into a year or months membership. However the information available can be overwhelming so I would always suggest doing the £19.99 trial first to get your head round the site and how it works.

The site is extensive in the information it gives you so don’t be expecting a nice list of 5 horses to put £10 on each to back every day. Instead the site offers everything from WIN, PLACE, LAY, PLACE / WIN DOUBLE, TRIPLE to ACCUMULATOR systems and it really favours LAY based systems.

The results of every tip are available to see from the day the site started along with system results and above each system it will say the current ROI for it over 30/100 days and the current strike rate for the last 30 days. It will also give you “tip hints” such as when to OR when NOT TO bet on the horse (in the details column).

For example from today’s members tips

LAY – System LAY 433

The system that generated this bet has a rolling 100 days ROI of 38.71% and a 30 day ROI of 7.62% plus a 30 day strike rate of 98.1%

Horse Course Time Details Betfair Market
Prairie Sunset Deauville 12:15 (not fav) Betfair

The trial was good and I did make money however the results are not displayed in points but actual pounds so sometimes it is a bit unclear to why the results for a system you are following show a profit of £200 for 20 tips when I had backed all 20 tips at £10 and only won £100.

The reason is because each system is based around a number of factor such as:
-only bet if the horse is OR isn’t the favourite.
-only bet if the hors is under a price of 2/1.

Therefore when the site changed earlier this year so that each system provided their “tip hints” alongside each tip to make it clearer I signed up for a full years membership at £169.99. So far my betting bank is up by 34% and if you keep to the rules of the site you can make a decent profit.

The site contains some decent articles such as managing risk, staking plans, devising your betting bank, how to save money from your wins and ensure you get to spend your profits instead of having “one last bet” plus detailed maths for trading and betting calculators to help you.

As well as that it contains news from all the major sports papers and if you want racing news from the UK to Ireland, Australia to the USA then this site will have it for you.

Just recently the site held a November price giveaway in which you could get a whole years membership for £100 but that has now gone although if you’re lucky this link may still work > If not then their Christmas give away offer of a years membership for just £150 might still work if you try it.


  • £19.99 for a months trial – one trial per member.
  • £29.99 per month for a subscription.
  • £169.99 for a yearly subscription a saving of £50.
  • £3.99 for a days worth of tips. If you work that out over a year that’s 41p a day. Ideal for those going racing (but I suggest doing the £19.99 trial first so you know how the site  and systems work)

Good Points:

  • Members get a daily list of tips from currently profitable systems (WIN, PLACE, LAY) which are available on the website from just before 11am as well as being sent out by email.
  • Members can also access the NAP list which contains NAPS collected from around the web every day plus multiple NAPS from their own stock of NAP tipsters. They also get “Extra Tips” which are devised by the UK Horse Racing Tipster himself.
  • The Free Tips section regularly brings in 8 winning tips a day (average is around 5-7). They are available to anyone and can be sent out by email if you fill in the form on the site. They include a mixture of tips picked randomly from current systems and include NAPS from site tipsters, WIN, PLACE, LAY and PLACE/WIN doubles.
  • All tips provide a direct link to the relevant market on Betfair so you can place your bet straight away.
  • The site provides a full history of all tips, system profit and loss by day and month and other stats on the systems which enables you to find a system that works for your betting bank. For example one monthly report shows you how much you would have won if you had ignored the price, only bet on horses < 10/1, < 20/1 etc etc. At the end of each month a whole bunch of reports are issued which contain details about the most profitable systems, how much you could have won and breakdowns by stake and price range.
  • Good look and design. The front page is a hive of activity with latest news, prices from standard bookies and the leaders of both the PLACE and WIN markets on Betfair for the next race and winners from the last.
  • Details for your system on WHEN to place the bet and when NOT to place the bet such as when the price is above or below a certain value.
  • Extensive online help, articles on picking horses, guides to laying horses on Betfair and much more.
  • Horse racing news from all over the world. From the UK to Australia you can get news about your racing all in one place.
  • Lots of social media links and ways to follow the site. Whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter there is a way for you to follow The UK Horse Racing Tipster site and the news and tips it provides.

Bad Points:

  • If you are someone who hates reading and just wants a couple of WIN tips a day then this isn’t for you. There are WIN systems but they only appear if the system is on a successful run. This means the site doesn’t just give out WIN tips for the sake of it. However if there are no WIN systems you can get tips from the NAP list which has 12 tipsters (at the time of writing) working ONLY FOR THE SITE, plus a collation of NAP tips from the web, with an easy way to spot the most NAP’d horse as it will be mentioned at the top of the page. Also the Members Extra Tips devised by the UK Horse Racing Tipster himself will usually provide WIN tips.
  • Lots of information to get your head round which is why I wouldn’t suggest starting with the £2 daily membership. The Members To Guide will give you instructions on what to do with links and I would suggest anyone joining to read it and follow it to the letter.
  • The site relies on PayPal to handle monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you have a problem with PayPal you need to take it up with them as there is no alternative apart from using PayPals site to pay for your membership by PayPal or Debit / Credit Card.
  • The help is all online. There is a large FAQ page which basically answers most problems and although the administrator will try to respond to emails if you contact him he does work full-time so the replies won’t be instant. He does state that this is a  reason he claims the site is cheap compared to others. Plus you do sound foolish when you ask a question and he replies with a cut n paste job from the FAQ or “I need Help” page.

Why do I belong to The UK Horse Racing Tipster website?

I am a member of the site for 3 main reasons.

  1. The cheap cost of membership.
  2. The vast array of systems and tips I can choose from and the detailed breakdown of profit / loss, strike rates, ROI and potential winnings.
  3. The news stories and articles on everything from how to work out an overlay trade bet to laying multiple runners per race.
  4. I make lots of money each month by following just 5 LAY systems. Read here how I made over £1,500 in June 2014.


2. From The Stables

This is a site which I believe from the free extended trial offer you get offered when you join The UK Horse Racing Tipster was also built by the same developer although not managed or run by him.

It has been going for 3 years now and I have been a member on and off about 4 times. The reasons were mainly issues with some trainers comments being very wishy-washy and noncommittal but they seem to have sorted that out and once you understand each trainers lingo you can basically get a good feeling what they really mean.

Obviously it’s against BHA rule for trainers to say their horse is going to lose 100% so you need to  have some skill at reading between the lines. E.G are they are saying – this horse is a dud – LAY IT!

Or this horse has been held back for this race for ages, the price is right, go for it and pile on!

The sites main benefit is that it has 20 UK and Irish trainers working for it who provide details of how they think their own horses will run that day. The trainers include Brendan Powell, Charlie Longsdon, Bryan Smart, Charlie Mann, Colin Tizzard, Marco Botti and more.

A typical comment will be something like this – from a winning review on Jamie Osborne’s Mr David. The horse was also named as the offices (the people running the sites), NAP of the day and it won with an SP of 15/1.

Mr David seems in really good form and looking at the race it appears there is a fair amount of pace in it which will suit perfectly. It’s a tight race but one in which I feel he has an excellent e/w chance in.

As well as the trainers reviews which you can search back and read historically the horses have live prices fed from Betfair and recently they added a “Tipster” Service which included the well-known Sports Radio tipster Ken Pitterson who provides a daily live feed from the course he is visiting that day as well as some top tips.

Also they regularly offer tipping competitions for members to enter such as during Cheltenham and Aintree where members could enter and place tips each day on various races they thought they would do well in. As far as I know they are continuing to do these competitions in future.


  1. You can buy monthly access to just the trainers reviews at £30 per month.
  2. You can buy access to the tipsters for £35 per month.
  3. You can get a combined membership including both for £50 per month.
  4. They also do special offers with extended periods of membership at cheaper prices for ex members with special promo codes.

Good Points:

  • Lots of middle ranking trainers who give detailed reviews on their horses which can make all the difference when a NAP tipster has NAP’d the horse but the trainer is saying he doesn’t think that he will get the trip or like the ground.
  • Easy to use site, simple format, easy menu and all tips are online and accessible on the website at 11am each morning.
  • A free trial to anyone who uses it. Although the trial code you can get on the home page gives you 5 free days (2421) there is another code I have found on the Twittersphere that lets you get 7 days trial (both trainers AND tipster) TWIT005RaceHorseInfo. You do have to pay when you join first time but the money isn’t taken out of your account UNTIL the free trial is over so you can cancel straight away, get your trial and not worry about money going out your account. You can then join up again without a promo code (only one is allowed per member) if you like the service.
  • They occasionally send out “stable whispers” when they hear that a horse not owned by one of their trainers is in good form and almost guaranteed to win a race.
  • They have a good reputation and have been around over 3 years which is a good sign for a tipping site. Where others have fallen they have remained on the scene.
  • If you want to part own or fully own a racehorse, go to meetings, stand in the Parade ring at Ascot with Paul Nichols and basically walk straight in with an owners badge then this site will allow you to. They have owned numerous horses over the years they have been live and many have won or placed bringing in money for the owners.

Bad Points:

  • They only provide BACK tips. The trainers or tipsters may say to put 10 points on EW, 5 WIN but they won’t OR can’t say to LAY the horse.
  • No multiples of any kind.
  • You must use PayPal to sign up.
  • Trainers info can be hard to get a grasp on but I have heard that the team do try to clean up any comments to make them more assertive or negative if they don’t really tell the punter much.
  • The tipster part is quite expensive on its own (3 tipsters for £35!) so if you join it’s well worth doing the combo offer of £50 for both tipsters and trainer information.
  • All tips are on the site only. No email. So you must be online at 11am each morning to get your tips.


Why do I belong to From The Stables website?

  1. The advantage of having inside information straight from the trainers mouth about how well their horses are on the day of running. Whether they like the ground, can stay the trip and whether the trainer is bullish or not about the horses chances.
  2. The ability to get a live feed straight from the Parade ring at Ascot from Ken Pitterson. If he see’s a horse that looks good, isn’t sweating and looks good to trot then he will blog to the live feed about it.
  3. The odd little email about hot tips they have heard about which has brought me some nice fat winners over the last year.


Hopefully my reviews will help and you don’t think they are too biased.

You can view the two sites yourself at:

4 comments on “Best Racing Sites
  1. UK HOT TIPS says:

    A great last 6 days on the website here with 16 out of 19 winning free LAY tips. All of them weak favourites or low risk / low priced runners. At £100 per bet that’s £1,432 profit in 6 days from the 5th September to the 11th September.


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