New Pricing on UK Horse Racing Tipster

New Pricing on UK Horse Racing Tipster


This is great news for anyone who is a member of The UK Horse Racing Tipster website. The site has just launched a new page describing changes made to the site for members including:

  • Better looking emails (members tips & free tips)
  • Access to the Killer Lay Tips system for members. On a day pass or a free trial it doesn’t matter this system is now available along with the members tips, extra tips and NAP list.
  • New racecard that is colour coded to enable quick viewing of the top runners by OR, Price or AutoBOT ranking.
  • A new section dedicated to Horse Race analysis and free betting systems.
  • Best of all – new pricing!

The pricing has changed to reflect the myriad of cheap betting sites on offer.

To be fair it’s not really comparable to put one of these cheap one page websites that send emails out constantly alongside the UK Horse Racing Tipster website.

For one the site offers 4 features now to all members plus it’s also a good looking site full of features including latest prices and results, articles, news and data on all aspects of Horse Racing.

The front page alone has more information on racing news, results, market prices and systems than most of these cheaper sites put together.

However the new prices are:

  • £3.99 for a day pass (not changed)
  • £9.99 for a months trial – down from £19.99.
  • £14.99 for a monthly subscription – down from £29.99.
  • £99.99 for a yearly subscription – down from £169.99.

So good news for members.

I will be cancelling my existing monthly subscription and getting a years membership tomorrow – a saving of £80 on 12 * £14.99 and a lot less than the £360 I am currently paying.

You can use the code below to sign up if you want.

If you want to sign up make sure you read the Members To Do Guide and Help Registering first so that you sign up without any issues. Help can also be found in the FAQ help section.

You can join on this page or read the original article on


Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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One comment on “New Pricing on UK Horse Racing Tipster
  1. dangerousrob says:

    Sweet! Cheers for this I must have missed the email from the site.


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