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Forget The “Professional Tipsters” and Join From The Stables for pennies!

Now the COVID19 break is over and flat racing is going again, you might want to forget all those spam emails, heavily promoting new tipping services that fill your inbox daily with promises of riches beyond your dreams (and possibility).

It seems like there’s a new “unbeatable” betting system generated every week. I can only presume after checking the email headers of some of these tipsters and seeing where they are located, e.g a lot from the same IP address and / or location. That these “professional tipsters”, come up with new wonderful betting systems all the time. The aim, to catch those people who want to earn money from betting without putting any work in themselves by just following someone else’s tips. These are the sort of people who will move from system to system in the hope that the next one they join will be the one to make them rich.

How many gamblers are out there who read the multiple reviews from their inbox about the next fabulous system that has apparently made someone rich, and choose to follow it. There is a large % of people out there who constantly try these betting systems in the hope it will make them rich. They fork out £20 – £50 per month or one off fees of up to £199 for a yea. All to try and replicate the owner of the systems rags to riches fable, moving from one system to another once they find their current system isn’t working.

It is these people that these “Template Betting Systems” are targeted at. Always looking for the next new system everyone is promoting. These promoters are usually ex tipsters themselves who obviously failed with their own betting scheme and who now make money like affiliates, funneling in these “get rich quick wannabees” into the new template betting site.

Why is it called a “Template Betting System”? Well on The UK Horse Racing Tipsters old betting site he had a whole article that described his testing of 7 or so of these systems. He gave them all a fair chance but found that none worked like advertised. He got no meaningful response from the support email address given to him by the systems owner when asking to see historical stats either. Therefore he just used ClickBanks automatic, no  questions asked, 60 day refund and got his money back for every single system he had joined.

He labelled these constantly generated and heavily promoted systems “Template Betting Systems”, as they all followed the same format. A single glossy looking webpage that looked exactly like dozens of other system he had seen before that described the system. A rags to riches tale of how he slaved away in offices for years wasting his wages on other tipsters systems before finding the holy grail and leaving his job to become a professional, making tons of money from his betting system.

There are also, almost 100% of the time, details of why the owner just wants to even the score with the bookies by giving his hard work and money making scheme out to anybody willing to pay.

However you have to ask yourself, why if you are making hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of tax free income a year, why would you want to take your time away from making yourself money to spent it running a tipping service, writing emails with your tips every night to send out in the morning, and handling support requests, refunds and other payment issues. Doesn’t that just sound a bit too nonsensical for you?

Living in one of your mansions you have bought but getting up early at 7am to work your system, read the form, and send out emails when you could just be enjoying your money and having a lie in?

Signs of a template system include:

  • A single glossy webpage that you go to from a link in an email that looks the same as many other tipping services you have looked at before. It is like these tipsters have a template they just change the colours of, the photos within it, and some wording and the new betting system is created.
  • A rags to riches story about how he used to work too hard in an office for peanuts whilst losing his money betting. All until he stumbled across an all too simple betting system that suddenly made his dreams come true. Now he wants to share it with the world – at a cost of course.
  • False claims of having bet accounts across the board, all with hundreds of thousands of pound in them. Something I know isn’t possible apart from maybe the Betting Exchanges like Betfair, who want you to win, so that they can take their commission from your winnings. Plus there is no bookmaker to lose money on an exchange, I like the UK Horse Racing Tipster and the original founder of From The Stables have been banned from online sites like SkyBet and Bet365 for making money. Someone else I know is banned from every bookmaker in his local high street,
  • Usually a quick dig at the bookies saying he wants everyone to share in his wealth.
  • Prices against Tips that seem good value when posted but when you go and look for them they are already driven down. Maybe their aim is to get everyone to back a false favourite so that their price drops so much the tipster can place low risk LAY tips instead of the BACK tips they are promoting.
  • They always use ClickBank for payment.
  • They generously offer you a no questions backed refund of 30 (used to be 60) days if you are not happy. This is nothing to do with their generosity but more to do with ClickBanks own refund policy. They never admit to this though.
  • The page is full of photo-shopped betting bank balances they supposedly have. If it shows you they have over half a million in a SkyBet or Bet365 account that hasn’t been closed then you can be sure they are fakes,  I as well as many other people have been kicked off these sites for making money.

If you find yourself stuck within one of these systems and it’s before 30 days, get a refund. ClickBank have tightened up their refund procedures, probably due to all the unhappy customers of these sites getting their money back. However just email your “Professional Tipster” and ask for “a historical list of their tips showing how they turned £50 into £5k”, “help saying you cannot ever obtain the prices they show against their tips” or “help on doing forecasts, combo tricasts, or dutching, whatever method they are telling you to do  to get money”. You won’t usually get a reply, and if you do it will be an automated one that is is no help at all.. The lack of support from your product supplier can be listed as the reason you want a refund on ClickBanks refund site. The UK Horse Racing Tipster got all his money back using these methods.

Just today when I look at my email box I can see the following systems being promoted.

  • Turn a £50 betting bank on Betfair into £5k within months.
  • The £26 method that will make you £2500 from one £26 bet over and over again.
  • Also I can see at least 4 ex tipsters obviously trying to make affiliate money promoting a new £3,946.08 a month tax free system.

Next week I am pretty sure there will be another load of systems being pushed on gamblers in the hope that they hand over their money in an attempt to get rich quick easily.

However on which has been running for 10 years now, they don’t just have a single webpage with a rags to riches tale of how the tipster gave up his office job and now drives Ferrari’s from his wondrous betting system.

In my opinion it is these tipsters always pushing a new template scam betting system each week that are the evil ones. They are just preying on people who after the COVID19 scare desperately want to make money. During the lockdown it was American and South African tipsters who came out of nowhere promising riches with their systems no-one had heard of before. Now it is back to normal with new betting systems using ClickBanks payment system, a sure sign of a cheap hashed together betting ponzi scheme, and emails with tips sent out daily – usually bad ones.

So instead of being tricked into joining one of these scam betting systems and losing your betting bank quickly, From The Stables in conjunction with The UK Horse Racing Tipster, is hoping you will realise that the benefits of a proper “Betting Website” will get you back into winning ways. They use PayPal for members to join, or pay by card, and offer cheap promo code trials which let you experience the site before committing to joining it full time.

Guess what you are in luck as the new codes and prices are right here!

Not only does From The Stables have 16 Trainers giving out reviews on their runners each day including new trainers such as, Brian Meehan, Hughie Morrison, Shaun Keightley and Ali Stronge, but as a betting site we offer a whole range of features.

You don’t just get a daily email with some tips at prices that are unobtainable when you go looking for them, or the lack of support when you email them for help, but you get a whole site’s worth of info aimed at helping you beat the bookies.

From The Stables has…

  • Daily reviews from 11am from our trainers on their daily runners chances.
  • NAPS and a Next Best tip selected by an ex Daily Telegraph Racing Editor, Tony Stafford, who has led the William Hill NAP tipster league for many months.
  • A blog feed from top tipsters at the track including paddock judge Ken Pitterson.
  • Tips from our tipsters each day plus live tips from the track that come into the site instantly when posted at the track.
  • A forum full of members to discuss trainer reviews and other tips.

So if you want to get a real helping hand in making money from horse racing then you should think about joining From The Stables.

Recent winning results from our trainers include….

Ian Williams – Reshoun @ 14/1
Shaun Keightley – Sepahi @ 15/2
Fergal O’Brien – Saintbury Lady @ 12/1
Brian Meehan – Dandys Derriere – Placed 2nd @ 22/1
Hughie Morrison – Quaint – Placed 3rd @ 20/1

Also this year our trainers have brought in some massive priced winners including:

William Knight – Unit Of Assessment @ 40/1, Author’s Dream @ 33/1, Shifting Gold @ 22/1
Ben Pauling – The Macon Lugnatic @ 33/1, Stokes @ 28/1, Delire D’estruval @ 25/1
Charlie Longsdon – Illegal Model @ 16/1, Western Miller @ 16/1
Brian Meehan – Chairmanic @ 14/1, Ghaaliya @ 14/1, Tanfantic @ 12/1

To list a few….

So if you want to join, why not use one of The UK Horse Racing Tipsters promo codes that have been reduced in price, there is even a special post COVID19 code for people wanting to test the waters without spending any great deal of money.

UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER2020 – Trainer Info and Kens Tips – Initially 20 Days @ £7.99 – 1 Month @ £30 – EXPIRES ON 01/01/2021 – Click to join now!

UKHORSERACINGTIPSTERC19 – Trainer Info and Kens Tips – Initially 15 Days @ £5.99 – 1 Month @ £30 – EXPIRES ON 01/01/2021 – Click to join now!

Let’s be truthful, the form of the 3yr olds has been up in the air this year due to the break in racing, and with the Irish Derby a week before the English Derby, held on the same day as the Oaks, with the Coral Eclipse only a day after, and all after Royal Ascot. A lot of horses who would have run against each other in those races normally haven’t done so.

This is probably why so many “Professional Tipsters” cannot find any winners, and why when The UK Horse Racing Tipster posts on his Facebook Free Tips page, the tips he receives from such “Pros“, he is telling his readers to LAY their short priced favourites on the Exchange. Doing the math you would have made a lot of money doing just that with their tips recently.

So don’t be duped by these email spamming tipsters who are failing every day to hit the mark and come and join, a 10 year old site with a good reputation, and lots of features all aimed at making you money!

Either click the links surrounding the codes above or use my generic UKHORSERACINGTIPSTER promo code that gives you initially 10 Days of access at only £3!




Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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