New UK Horse Racing Tipster Site

New UK Horse Racing Tipster Site

You can see the new UK Horse Racing Tipster site at it’s new location here.

The UK Horse Racing Tipster had to remove his old members site with over 550+ systems due to his old company moving the site to a French server which doesn’t allow access to online betting sites, including Betfair which my whole site was based around.

This company really fxxked things up for the site as it was doing well, had lots of members and was making ROI for hundreds of systems and it’s members.

Therefore until he can get his AutoBOT back up and running somewhere that allows online betting in their country you can access some informational posts from the old site at

He will try and keep it updated with details from his other site From The Stables with news about any tipster competitions at Cheltenham or Royal Ascot as well as promo codes or betting systems.

You should also check out his Facebook page which has grown a lot since it was restarted.

He has an international tipster who provided us with a win double at Sha Tin over the weekend as well as tips from a variety of tipsters on racing and football.

Of course he also provides his own tips and had a good last week with many winners for anyone following them.

As well as the usual place doubles, win singles and LAY bets he has created a new football system based around Betfairs Same Game Accumulators.

You can read about the system on the page and he has already completed one revolution of it, which doubled my own betting bank.

Once you get used to the idea of same game accumulators then it is pretty simple. There are lots of examples of winning bets and example same game accumulator bets to follow including some where no winning team needs specifying.

The system goes like this.

Round 1 – Choose a stake e.g £20 and split it equally on two same game accumulators.

Round 2 – If both win you carry on. If one loses stop and start again. In this round you split the winnings from both round one matches by 4 and place 4 more same game accumulators or split it up e.g 1 single, 2 same game accas and a win double.

Round 3 – If you lost all matches in round 2 stop. However if you are in profit remove your initial stake e.g £20 and then divide the remaining winnings by 2. Keep one half of the winnings as profit and carry on with the rest. This way you have not lost any money and are now betting with the bookies cash. This round you bet on either one or two games with higher stakes and higher risk e.g more spots on the same game acca, or a win treble etc.


More information can be found on Facebook and the new site.

Check it out.



Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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