If your quick you can still get 10 days on From The Stables for an amazing £5!

If your quick you can still get 10 days on From The Stables for an amazing £5!


I’ve just noticed but the Cheltenham promo code for getting members to join the tipping and trainer review site, www.fromthestables.com, is still active.

I am sure they will be taking it down soon so get in fast if you want top tips from tipsters, a forum, and 20 trainers (flat/NH) giving reviews on their horses each day, how they will perform, are they the one to beat, worthy a bet or best watched then that kind of info can be invaluable.

I just noticed that the Cheltenham Festival Promo code to get new members interested in the site is still active.

The code is: UKHorseRacingTipsterCheltenham. Click this link to go direct to the subscribe page with the promo code already filled in.

It won’t be up for much longer, probably until they do some house keeping over the Easter week.

However if it does go down you are still left with a couple of UK Horse Racing Tipster codes which you can use to get better deals than their standard codes. You will need PayPal to join the site.

Remember these codes could go at any moment and the expiry dates could change.

Promo Code
UKHorseRacingTipster >> Trainer Info and Tips >> Trial for 10 Days at £10 then join as a full member at a cost of 1 Month @ £30 – 01/01/2020 (current expiry date)

UKHorseRacingTipster2015 >> Trainer Info and Tips >> Trial for 14 Days at £15 then join as a full member at a cost of 1 Month @ £30 05/05/2018 (current expiry date)

The text on the page when you click the link here for Cheltenham Festival access for 10 days at £5 says:

It looks like you want to take advantage of the great £5 10 days Cheltenham Festival trial from the UK Horse Racing Tipster.

During the festival you will get trainer reviews on their horses, NAPS, TIPS, Paddock parade information in a live blog and a forum to discuss your thoughts with other members.

You are lucky to have found this promo code and if you want to carry on being a member of the site after the 10 days trial it will convert into a £30 monthly subscription from PayPal.

This means if you don’t like the site, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t then after your trial period on From The Stables it will convert into a standard £30 monthly subscription.

You can cancel this from within the site as a full member during your trial or on PayPal.

If you want to have a good look around first at the trainers, recent, results and the offers of owning your own race horse or visiting a stable before using the promo code then do so, as you can enter the code on the subscribe page, in the appropriate box.




Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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