The From The Stables Royal Ascot 2015 Tipping Competition

The From The Stables Royal Ascot 2015 Tipping Competition
By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

After the success of the annual Cheltenham and recent Aintree tipster competition over at the site are planning on holding another competition for flat fans over the great flat racing week that is Royal Ascot!

From The Stables have got themselves quite a name now for holding exciting tipster competitions each year and they are starting to hold more and more of them.

When they first started out a few years ago it was just the Cheltenham Festival and then they then went onto Aintree. Now for the first time they are holding one for the Royal Ascot festival.

Also for the first time this year you could sign up to the site purely to take part in the Cheltenham and Aintree competitions with a special promo code.

This code gave you FULL ACCESS to the site which included:

  • Access to the 20 UK trainers reviews on their own runners each day. Many had horses running at both Cheltenham and Aintree and they hope to have trainers with runners at Royal Ascot this year also.
  • Access to Ken Pitterson’s live blog feed from the Royal Ascot parade ring. He watches the horses walk round and takes note of their coat, their demeanor and how they behave before posting his tips straight to the site. He also posts NAP and NB tips along with another tipster FlyingBolt.
  • Access to the members forum where users talk to each other about the runners, tips, and competition.
  • Access to the tipster competition all for £5.99! You could join as a real member and as long as you have made a full monthly payment within 6 months before the competition starts you can play otherwise you can join with the special promo code for a maximum of 7 days.


The Royal Ascot Tipster Competition

This year for the first time From The Stables are planning on holding a competition for the Royal Ascot meeting between Tuesday 16th to Saturday 20th of June 2015.

If you are not already a member who has paid within the last 6 months you will be able to buy a “tipster membership” with the promo code ROYAL2015 for just £5.99!

This will give you FULL members access for the duration of the competition so that you can take part in the competition as well as experience everything the site has to offer.

You might even want to become a full member afterwards.

If you do then just remember you will be on the site already as a member and just need to login with the details you got when you signed up with the special promo code before chosing a new subscription.

The Royal Ascot promo code will go on sale from the 13th of June, a few days earlier than the start of Royal Ascot to help you get used to the site.

So get ready to sign up with ROYAL2015 for 7 days access if you don’t want to sign up as a full member before hand.


Royal Ascot 2015 Tipster Competition – The Races

The races you will be betting on are below.

You pick a runner for each race and decide whether you want to risk 2 points on it winning or 1 point on it Each Way (your 2 points are cut in half like an Each Way bet, 1 point to win, 1 point to place).

The scores are determined by the SP of the runner with Rule 4 deductions calculated into the result. You can find the SP out on the Racing Post if you don’t know it.

However there is no benefit here of putting your bets in early hoping for a higher price. If I had only got SP for Many Clouds in the Grand National I would have lost almost half my winnings as my antepost price dropped from 40/1 to 25/1!

For full details of the Royal Ascot meeting you can visit their site at

The races we are planning on letting entrants play with are listed below. They are a mixture of Group Ones, Handicaps, 2-year-old and 3-year-old+ races.

Tuesday Royal Ascot Competition Races

  1. The Coventry Stakes (Group 2)
  2. The King’s Stand Stakes (Group 1)
  3. The St James’s Palace Stakes (Group 1)

Wednesday Royal Ascot Competition Races

  • The Prince of Wales’s Stakes (Group 1)
  • The Duke of Cambridge Stakes (Group 2)
  • The Royal Hunt Cup (Heritage Handicap)

Thursday Royal Ascot Competition Races

  • The Norfolk Stakes (Group 2)
  • The Gold Cup (Group 1)
  • The Britannia Stakes (Heritage Handicap)

Friday Royal Ascot Competition Races

  • The Commonwealth Cup (Group 1)
  • The Coronation Stakes (Group 1)
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Stakes (Handicap)

Saturday Royal Ascot Competition Races

  • The Hardwicke Stakes (Group 2)
  • The Diamond Jubilee Stakes (Group 1)
  • The Wokingham Stakes (Heritage Handicap)


How The Point System Works

For each race you either stake 2 points for a runner to win or 1 point Each Way (1 to win, 1 to place).

Here is an example where we assume a point equals a £1 bet. Each outcome shows what happens when the horse win or the horse places.

This race is paying 1/4 the odds a place and the horse we are betting on has an SP of 4/1.

Possible Outcomes

Horse Wins

2 point win bet returns +8 = £8
1 point EW bet returns 4 for the win and 1 for the place= +5 = £5

Horse Places

2 point win bet returns -2 = -£2
1 point EW bet. The win bet loses (-1) and the place part returns 1 so we get a return of £0

Horse Loses (not placed)

2 point win is a loss of 2 points -2 = -£2
1 point EW is a loss of 2 points -2 = -£2

Also remember that depending on the number of runners in a race the place payout positions will change.

Whilst we won’t be getting any 40 runner races like the Grand National there are handicaps in play at Ascot.

The possible fractions that determine what percentage of the SP are used for the Each Way part of a bet are detailed below.

Each Way Payouts

  • Fewer than 5 runnersAll to Win
  • 5-7 runners1/4 odds on place 1-2
  • 8 or more runners 1/5 odds on place 1-2-3
  • Handicaps with 12-15 runners1/4 odds on place 1-2-3
  • Handicaps with 16 or more runners1/4 odds on place 1-2-3-4

So just remember that if you go Each Way the calculation of your winnings will depend both on the SP of the horse, the number of runners and the fractional odds payout.

Joining Early For Practise

The best plan of action if you are wanting to take part is to join From The Stables early with one of my promo codes that gives you extra free trial days. They also give you access to both the trainer reviews and the tipsters section of the site. You can find a list of codes in the section below.

This way you will get to learn how each trainer explains in their own language how they think their runner will do that day.

It is against BHA rules for a trainer to say that “this horse will definitely lose” and give all the layers a 100% winning chance. However you can learn to understand terms like “this horse needs a run” or “a minor place is all we can hope for at best” and other terms to get the idea that the horse isn’t going to storm to victory.

As for winning, well every trainer with a good horse thinks they train a winner, and when they come out with terms like “it will take all the beating”, “has a favourites chance” or”we will be disappointed if we lose this”, then you know that the trainer thinks it has a good chance of winning the race.

If you mix this with the information from the tipster page and talk on the members forum you will get a good variety of info on the runners. It is even better if one of the tipsters puts the horse you are thinking of down as a NAP for the day.

If you can add this to information from The UK Horse Racing Tipster site (if you are a member) so that you obtain all the NAPS for the day from up to 64 top tipsters, along with my AutoBOT’s choices and my own tips, then you will have a basis for selecting your runners as good as any racing paper.

Therefore having a combination membership across The UK Horse Racing Tipster and From The Stables could give you a great chance at winning and you can get just that when you join my site as I offer an extended trial on the From The Stables website.


Getting Access To The Site

If you do want to join From The Stables and get 2 extra days free trial for each type of subscription then the links and promo codes you can use to get this extra bonus are listed below.

Or you can join this site and get another promo code to get even more extra days as a free trial.

Remember these are special codes that this site owns and you only pay after the 7 day trial is over. This codes give you 2 extra days on the site as a trial user than the standard codes.

TWIT001RaceHorseInfo > Trainer Info – 1 Month @ £30 – Sign up here

TWIT002RaceHorseInfo > Kens Tips – 1 Month @ £35 – Sign up here

TWIT005RaceHorseInfo > Trainer Info and Kens Tips – 1 Month @ £50 – Sign up here

So if you want to use any of these codes use the links next to each subscription or just go to the subscribe page and enter the right code in the box e.g TWIT005RaceHorseInfo.

Either that or wait until at least June the 13th before signing up with the special Royal Ascot Tipster Promo code: ROYAL2015 to get a weeks full access to the site and entry into the competition to win the £100 prize.

Store the following link as it will start working on the 13th of June this summer if all you want to pay is £5.99 for entrance to the tipster competition.


Some Tips and Tricks for Playing

Having come in the top 3 of the From The Stables Tipster competition twice now, including winning it last time over the Aintree festival (yes I am Rob R), I have some tips that could help you out if you do decide to take part in any of the From The Stables tipster competitions.

1. Don’t always go for the favourite with 2 pts and instead look for a placer whose 1 pt at higher odds will beat the favourites price. Remember all points are calculated at SP so a 4/6 favourite might be expected to win but if you can get a 20/1 horse to place then the points from that are going to outweigh the obvious winner. Obviously if you can get your 20/1 shot to win then you will get both the win and place points as a return.

2. For the big crowd races always go Each Way. The prices are high enough that if you get a winner like I did with Many Clouds your each way bet will count a lot more. Plus it’s obviously a lot harder to pick a winner in a 40 runner race. However if you can do like I did with Many Clouds then you can earn a big kitty of points!

3. If the race is a 8 horse or under affair then go for the 2 pt win. If the favourite looks strong then take it otherwise look for the 2nd favourite who could give it a run for its money. You have more chance of winning in a small race and the odds won’t be high enough for a 1 pt Each Way bet to count even if it does place.

4. If you want to know my selections for the previous Aintree competition that gave me 41.15 points and saw me winning it. They are below and were published in a spreadsheet along with everyone elses selections for the week.

Day 1

Bristol De Mai (1pt EW) – 3rd – PLACED – WON
Pacha Du Polder (1pt EW) – 2nd – PLACED – WON
Rock On Ruby (2pt WIN) – 2nd – PLACED – LOST

Day 2

Don Cossack (2pt WIN) – 1st – WON
Eastlake (1pt EW) – Unplaced – LOST
Cyrus Darius  (1pt EW) – 1st – WON

Day 3

Zarkandar (2pt WIN) – 4th – Unplaced – LOST
Many Clouds (1pt EW) – 1st – WON
Buywise (1pt EW) (3.25) – 5th – Unplaced – LOST

4. Going back to point 1 e.g. picking an Each Way horse over a short priced favourite.

In the first race of the competition a lot of tipsters went for the 4/6 favourite Hargam who lost.

2 pts at this SP wouldn’t give you much of a score even if it had have won but as I went for an 8/1 1pt each way runner Bristol De Mai who did place you can see how the price even divided by 4 would have beaten the 4/6 favourite at 2 points.



Remember if you just want to play the tipster competition you must wait until the 13th of June before being able to use the promo code ROYAL2015 at a price of £5.99 to get your 7 days access.

This gives you a few days to get used to the site before the competition starts. You can even join halfway through the festival if you really want to and your extra days will carry over after the festival. However this isn’t advisable as you will miss some key races.

Read more about the Royal Ascot competition on the From The Stables website.


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© 2015 The UK Horse Racing Tipster


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