Rent A Betting BOT from just £12.50 Per Month!

Rent A Betting BOT from just £12.50 Per Month!


If you are into trading then having access to a Betting BOT is key to your success otherwise you will have to spent all day in front of a computer screen. Your boss might not appreciate you spending all day on Betfair!

If you are a member of UK Horse Racing Tipster like me then you need a BOT to place all the tips and setting the variables the site provides such as price limits, favourite status, runners and much more. Having a BOT allows you to do this.

So getting your hands on a Betting BOT is key to your success and one of the best ones out there for rental is the BetEngine from

You can subscribe on a monthly basis and get access to the betting BOT from that will allow you to all the following and more:

  1. Run multiple systems at the same time.
  2. subscribe on a monthly basis from as little as £12.50 for 2 systems.
  3. Run your BOT in test mode without real money to test your systems.
  4. Place your bets before going to work and then leave the BOT running on your PC.
  5. Set stop limits and set minimum/maximum bet sizes.
  6. Use the BOT for LAY, PLACE or WIN bets.
  7. Let the BOT trade your BETS for you.
  8. Lots of settings to control the BOTS behavior.

If you want to buy a BOT I suggest BOT from as it has all these features as you can see from this screenshot.

The Bet Engine BOT

You can subscribe to access the BOT for a month at a time from just £12.50 for 2 systems, £25.00 for 5 systems or 10 for £35.00.

So check it out if you want to be able to place your bets and go.


Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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