Free Back Betting System From The Free Tips Community

Free Back Betting System From The Free Tips Community

Free Tips Community

This is a free system I picked up from the UK Horse Racing Tipsters Free Tips Community today.

Aparently the tipster who created it used it only on a few runners today and all of them won. The horses had both WIN and PLACE bets put on them and were: Cash Injection, Bobby Benton, Moulin Rouge and Howlongisafoot.

Basically the tipster has been using the technique of finding favourites who also have the top AutoBOT ranking (his custom score per horse) as well as the best Race to OR ratio.

What is the Race to OR ratio?

Well if the top runner has an OR of 80 and they only took 2 races to get to that level and all other horses have a lower OR ranking they are discarded.


If the horse has the same OR figure e.g 80 but a lower race to OR ranking they are ignored.

What does this mean?

Well if another horse also has an OR of 80 then and it has had 3 runs to get to that official rating level it is lower than the first horse that took 2 runs to get to 80.

Once you have found the few runners each day that have all these features you then do the following on Betfair.

  • Place a win bet of a certain stake e.g £10. Try and pick horses with a good win price e.g at least above 2.50 / 6/4 and preferably higher.
  • Place a bet in the Place market, hopefully with a good price of at least 2.00 with double the stake e.g £20.
  • If there is a lot of runners you might want to try the special 3/4/5 To Be Placed markets which don’t offer the ability to swap an exchange bet to SP or Lapse on market close but can offer security in big runner races. You might need to bump up the stake to ensure it covers OR at least mitigates any loss from the win bet though.

Getting a decent place price is key e.g 1/1 but if you can get both the WIN and PLACE bet matched then if the win bet loses the place bet should come in. If the prices are right you won’t lose money and the PLACE bet should offer profit if the horse loses the race.

Apparently he has been manaully testing this system out for weeks now and has had some good success with it and is in the process of automating it and adding it to his list of systems for members of the site.

All members of the site get a special racecard each day which has the AutoBOT ranking, the OR and Favourite status all marked in different colours. When they all converge there is only one colour in the card and that is the horse you want to look at when it sits at the top of the table with a good win price.

Members of the site who don’t know about the racecard can check it out here:

I have checked it out and it seems solid but the only issue is matching Runs to OR level.

I haven’t been able to find an easy way to do this yet apart from using the Racing Post website and manually checking each runner in turn.

Hopefully The UK Horse Racing Tipster site might put the Runs to OR figures in the rankings page. However even without this you can make an educated guess on which runners have the best chances of winning.

If you are not on the site yet then you might want to consider it now it has an extra lay system which was trialled on this site for the past year and brought in a lot of money for followers.

If you join the website you will be able to get the following.

  1. NAPS from over 62 tipster including 12 who tip for the site only and regularly come in the top 5 each month for profit or strike rate.
  2. Members Tips from over 520 systems. Only those with an ROI > 5% are provided to the members each day.
  3. Members Extra Tips provided by The UK Horse Racing Tipster himself. These range from WIN, PLACE, LAY to multi day accumulators.
  4. Killer Lay Tips aimed at favourites and low priced runners. This is a brand new system showing profit for all of Decemeber so far.
  5. Full access to ALL the articles on betting strategies, trading and risk management.
  6. Plus all the racing news from around the world and the latest prices from Betfair, results and headlines on the homepage.

Join UK Horse Racing Tipster for all of those features and check out membership options which range from £3.99 for a day to £169.99 for a year. Visit this page for more info.

Join the Free Tips community to get free tips and add your own at UK Horse Racing Tipster Free Tips Community


Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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