New UK Horse Racing Systems and how I made £1692.55 last month!

New UK Horse Racing Systems and how I made £1692.55 last month!

By UK Hot Tips

It was a great month last month for the free tips on this site with many days that had 100% strike rates on low-priced bets or weak favourites and very few days where the majority of tips lost.

In fact on average we currently have a 73% strike rate with the free tips and when you consider most of these are favourites that are being laid at very low prices of 1.4 – 2.5 you are getting a great deal totally free!

Low risk and high returns, what more can you ask for?

Well if you’re like me and don’t work any more whilst getting regular 100% strike rates with 2/3 LAY TIPS is good it doesn’t totally satisfy my betting lust even though I made around £500 just following these LAY tips at £10 stakes in June 2014 (keeping to only tips under a price of 5.00).

However I did make a lot more money by following 5 LAY systems from the members only tips on another site. This is just one of the reasons I am a member of The UK Horse Racing Tipster website and pay £29.99 per month to view his members tips section.

Not only do I get access to tips from 521 systems but I can also use his free tips which have an average of 6.5 winners a day, the daily NAP list which includes over a dozen tipsters who only work for the site and the members extra tips the site owner creates every day.

In fact by following a few select LAY based systems on The UK Horse Racing Tipster website on top of my own LAY tips I made a handsome £1692.55 in tax-free winnings in the month of July!

Searching the monthly reports on UK Horse Racing Tipster the other day when they first came out this month was a real eye-opener to me as it showed just how many profitable systems there with a good ROI there were and I am seriously thinking of changing the 5 systems that I currently follow to include some PLACE based ones on top of my existing LAY systems and maybe one WIN based system based on the new quality horse table.

At the moment the 5 LAY systems I follow on the site all returned a good profit in July 2014. They were:

1. “System LAY 505” which had 98 wins from 109 races, a 89.91% strike rate returning £372.50 profit at £10 stakes. I actually made £352.45. This is down to the obvious fact that the prices I managed to obtain on the Betfair Exchange are never going to match exactly to the LAY SP prices the site uses to calculate its profit. This system is based around LAYING either favourites or horses with the top AutoBOT ranking (the custom rating system the site uses to rank horses) who have no course, distance, going or level experience.

2. “System LAY 440” which didn’t have many tips but had a high strike rate with 93.33% and 14 wins from 15 wins returning a profit of £122.20 (or for me £115.80). This system is based around short priced horses with a custom site rating greater than 30.

3. “System LAY 518 (Lay Weak Favourites)” – This system almost had a 100% strike rate but only provided a few tips e.g 16 wins from 17 tips returning £144 profit! I managed £129.93.

4. “System LAY 505” – This was another high ROI system based around favourites or runners with a top custom rating with no experience over the distance or course running in maidens with a price > 3.00. The ROI over the month was 34% with a 90% strike rate from 98 wins from 109 races. This system returned me more than the official site profit margin of £372.50 as I managed £420 with some great LAY offers on Betfair.

5. The last system I followed last month was “System LAY 506” which was like the previous system except it included favourites/top ranked horses who had never PLACED at the course, distance or on ground with a price < 3.50. This system returned 148 wins from 237 races with a 62.45% strike rate and a 8% ROI returning £191.707 (I managed £175)

All in all I made £1192.55 following these systems on UK Horse Racing Tipster website in June and this was ensuring that I followed every tip hint that was provided.

Some reports like the £10 Stake report which breaks down only the systems actually given out to members by price range DOESN’T include the tip hint information and just adds up the total profit or loss for the tips whether or not they actually met system criteria like:

-Only bet if the price is between 3 and 5.

-Only bet if the horse is OR isn’t a favourite.

-Only bet if there is less than 9 runners.

And so on.

You can see the £10 stake report for the month of July here.

However after checking the full System Tips Report which shows ALL the systems (profitable or not) it is clear that there are many more systems out there which can be followed as long as you have the betting bank to do so.

Personally I am considering using the Quality Horse table for this month as there are lots of major flat races coming up and as the report says if you had just bet on the runners from this table in any UK or Irish races within the last 160 days at £10 stakes you would have won £2,040.00! That includes races where multiple horses in the table are racing each other!

In fact there were so many good systems last month I made £1192.55  following the 5 LAY systems I listed above on top of the £500 I made following my own free tips (provided by The UK Horse Racing Tipster). That makes £1692.55 tax free from both free and members only tips.

When seen in that light a £29.99 per month membership to  is not too much to ask when you can make £1,700+ tax-free. You just need to do your homework and pick your systems carefully.

There is no easy way to make systems and if you are expecting just to be given a load of BACK bets each day to bet on you will be disappointed. Of course there is the NAP list and the Members Extra Tips which are all WIN TIPS given out to site members if you want them but to make decent money every month you need to spend some time doing your research.

Thankfully the site tries to make this process as easy as possible for you and when you join as a member you just need to follow the steps the site tells you to on the Members To Do Guide.

So put aside a good hour and then read all the articles that are linked from this member to do page, analyse the systems, review their recent results, pick the systems you would like to follow before devising a betting bank and risk management strategy before sitting back and waiting for your first lot of system tips to place.

Hopefully July will be just as good a month as June for the system tips and I am hoping to make another tax-free grand and a half. If you want to join in then hop along to the site and read these links.

Why Should I Join The UK Horse Racing Tipster Website?

The AutoBOT – What is it and how can it make me money!

Some REAL Testimonials about the site!

The membership options are:

£169.99 for a full years worth of tips from 521 systems, Members Extra Tips, NAP Lists, full access to articles on trading, laying and risk management and a promo code for extra days free trial on another racing site.

£29.99 per month for a rolling subscription.

£19.99 for a full months trial.

£3.99 for a “day pass” – You get full membership, members tips, extra tips, NAP lists and access to all the articles. This option is ideal for those of you going out racing at the weekend or if you only need tips as and when you bet. It is advisable though to have had at least a months trial membership before using day passes as you will need time to absorb all the information and systems.

So if you want to make over a grand each month tax-free then head over to the UK Horse Racing website and pick a membership option: Join The UK Horse Racing Tipster website now.


Ex scafolder & carpet fitter who is now retired and trying to live the good life despite "austerity Britain". Looking for good tipster sites and not rip off merchants charging a fortunes for odds on favourites all day long!

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