How is the National Hunt Season Doing So Far?

How is the National Hunt Season Doing So Far?

By UK Hot Tips

I’ve taken the comments from the article on the fantasy horse racing article on UK Horse Racing Tipster to make this article as the comments  basically tell the story of people’s horses, bets and races so far.

We have had some big names fail in style such as At Fishers Cross twice at the last. We have had some major battles between some good horses such as The New One and My Tent Or Yours at Kempton and we have seen some contenders for the big crowns such as Annie Power who remains unbeaten after 9 races, beating Zarkandar two times in a row in her last two trips.

Bobs Worth finally got his head in front and kept up his record of never losing a race once going in front in the Lexus Chase and we have seen the Champion Hurricane Fly beat Kauto Stones record of Grade One victories winning in some style in the Ryanair Chase to show he still has the juice flowing in side him.

With Cue Card showing he can still run from the front the whole race and still win races we have all the makings of a good Cheltenham Festival.  I will update some more when I can but these are just comments about various peoples fantasy horse racing stables at @tentofollow on

  1. Put your top ten horses here > Big Bucks, Simonsig, The New One, Hurricane Fly, Sprinter Sacre, At Fishers Cross, what other horses would you pick?

  2.  My stable is: Simonsig*, Hurricane Fly, Bobs Worth, Big Buck’s , The Liquidator, Arvika Ligeonniere, Sprinter Sacre, Annie Power, Cue Card, Quevega
    • Quevega runs once a year

      • In reality the people who win will have a mixture of horses at all grades as the races that give double points etc include the Grand National. From looking at @tentofollow a lot of people have just gone for big name horses and their prices like Hurricane Fly the other day 1/16 on or whatever the SP was will not provide many points. You are right in the horses that run the most will win the most points and some big names might not even run much at all.

  3. My Stable pick are:

    Pont Alexandre, Sizing Europe, Glens Melody, Rocky Creek, Captain Conan, Boston Bob, Sir Des Champs, Pique Sous, The New One, Arvika Ligeonniere

    With Boston Bob as my star horse

  4. This is the first stable I put up although I have put up a few more since!

    Pont Alexandre, Sizing Europe, Glens Melody, Rocky Creek, Captain Conan, Boston Bob, Hurricane Fly, Pique Sous, At Fishers Cross, Sprinter Sacre (star horse in the stable)!

  5. This was my first stable pick >> Simonsig, My Tent Or Yours, Glens Melody, Annie Power, Captain Conan, Quevega, Hurricane Fly, Pique Sous, At Fishers Cross, Sprinter Sacre (star horse)
  6. I was on Taquin Du Seuil today plus he was in my stable as well! Nice start to the competition for me! I am hoping for a big run from Hurricane Fly this Sunday as well!
  7. Well I’m currently in the 4000 place! Had 3 wins and 1 loss with Bobs Worth yesterday. Wins were The Liquidator, Hurricane Fly and Annie Power. I wonder how many people are playing? 69.7 points I have and the current leader has 130 and had the same winners as me plus Cue Card instead of Bobs Worth (star horse ) and Al Ferof who was in the first 2 horse race I have seen for a long time yesterday.
  8. I have an interesting race today with the withdrawal of Flemenstar I have Arvika Ligeonniere in one of my teams and Sir Des Champs in another. I just hope that saying about backing the outsider of a 3 horse race doesn’t come true today!
  9. Well after The New One and Zarkander dueled it out today at Cheltenham I am now

    in 3580th position with 122.9 points. The leader has 233 points. Will I catch up – I have no idea – I thought Sprinter Sacre would have run by now and very disapointed he hasn’t so maybe picking him was a mistake. Best horses so far are The New One and My Tent Or Yours who have brought in almost 30 points each with their wins. So I am not too far off the leaders although there are over 100,000 people playing the Fantasy Horse Racing competition. I just hope you all followed the site and it’s social media outputs to get a nice 1/1 on The New One today as he beat Zarkander and made yourself and easy £50 on Coral’s expense!

    Just remember to keep an eye out on the lates bet offers page here >

  10. Well I am gutted about Sprinter Sacre being pulled up yesterday as that could basically ruin a whole stables chances. However I am glad Bobs Worth came back to win today and my best horse so far is My Tent or Yours with 53.8pts. currently in an amazing 14,494th place! Out of how many I don’t know but I have 177.4 points. However the current leader has 357.9 points but has Al Ferof, Cue Card and The New One who all lost recently. I suppose it’s the big prizes that bring those points in – as Brucey Says – Points mean prizes!
  11. I have Annie Power and Zarkander both racing tomorrow, I think they are both in the same fantasy stable but at least I will get some points. The last time they raced it was before the competition started so the win by Annie Power didn;t count – tomorrow they are on more even weights 11-12 (Zarkander) to 11-5 (Annie Power) whereas before it was 10-11 (Annie Power) against Zarkanders much heavier 11-8 (almost a stone) and that 5 length win could be cut severly, WIth odds of 2/5 on against Zarkanders 2/1 it might be even worth risking some free SKyBet money on Zarkander and hope for a fall, a Sprinter Sacre like pull up or a My Tent or Yours v The New One battle to the line.
  12. My best horse so far out of many big names like Bobs Worth, The New One, Zarkander, Al Ferof etc is My Tent of Yours wiv 53.8 pts – whats yours?
  13. I’m glad I chose Annie Power over Zarkandar and skipped Long Run altogether! I think she might be a good bet come Cheltenham and could shock a few people. My highest position so far was 5678th
  14. Well I always had Annie Power as my star horse and she has done well so far; it’s a shame some of the bigger names like Big Bucks and Sprinter Sacre have not raced or had problems but then you might not know that when you’re picking your stable.
  15. Yes it’s hard to know how some of these great horses will run first off. I always thought Cue Card would run great fresh but he was only placed. He obviously needed the run as his next race showed. However horses like Zarkandar are running often (a lot more than other big names) but they are only getting minor points for 2nd places at the moment. Was sad to see Bobs Worth put in such a poor first run a well but then his 2nd trip made up for that as well. I think this year the rankings and points are going to change A LOT as horses you think will win (Sprinter Sacre) don’t and horses you expect to do the businesss, fail constantly at the last – At Fishers Cross! it will be a mixed bag and I doubt many people in the top winning group have horses without at least a few loses in their stable unlike last year.

View the original article at National Hunt 2013 – 2014 Fantasy Horse Racing.


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